Product Survey

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We invite everyone interested to participate in a research project and answer a survey on consumption patterns.  The survey is a part of research project at the Labour Institute for Economic Research, that is focused on studying consumption behavior and how it is affected by consumption taxes and other policies.

The answers to the survey will be analyzed anonymously and they are used only for research purposes. The answers will not be linked to other individual-specific information.

The survey is internet-browser based. You can use it either with computer or mobile device, although a small screen can make it difficult to operate the survey. You can access the survey through the following link: by clicking it or copying it to an internet browser. If you are using the survey with a shared computer you can open it in Private browsing mode, and then it is recommended to clear the browsing history after having answered to the survey. The survey itself contains more detailed instructions for how to answer it.

Answer the survey!

Thank you for answering the survey!

Tuomas KosonenResearch Director, Labour Institute for Economic Research

More information regarding the survey is available from the Labour Insitute for Economic Research, Ms Katri Väisänen: (